Hoverboarders is an arcade racing game
powered by Unreal Engine 4

Experience an easy but deep gameplay composed of
unique characters with super powers, 5 game modes, powerups.. in a lot of different environments.


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Eliminate the others
in a round based race

Compete with your friends using a shared camera and distance them to win each rounds.

Simple Race
Go Fast !

Offcourse Hoverboarders also features a classic race mode

Bring your favorite beer snacks
couch multiplayer is back !

Bring back your childhood by playing with your friends...IRL!

We plan cool features

The project is still young but already has many promises,
here is an overview and new ideas are already on board.

  • 5 game modes

    We already have the "Race" and "Elimination" modes up and running and are working hard on "Escape", "Battle Arena" and "Time Trial".

  • Powerup Crafting

    Powerups are cool, but we wanted to get them to the next level. Powerup crafting is a system where while in a race you can combine 2 powerups to make a new one with a totally new effect.

  • Customizable vehicles

    You will be able to customize your vehicle for every races by combining them and make your perfect vehicle.

  • Different environments

    Tracks will take place in many different environments, like a jurassic island, volcano, city, futuristic, post apocalyptic...

  • Couch Multiplayer

    We love couch coop and it was important that our game features local multiplayer. Up to 4 players (for now...=))

  • Powered by UE4

    Hoverboarders use the wonderfull Unreal Engine 4.

Friendly Community

If you want to get involved in the project, discuss, give feedbacks or simply want to hangout.